Ingredients of quality in your horse care products?

Regulations regarding animal cosmetics.

The European Union has the strongest regulation regarding cosmetic in the world. However, animals’ cosmetics do not follow any of these regulations, resulting in poor quality ingredients often irritating, allergenic, and polluting.

In human cosmetic, it is necessary to :

  • Produce a complete information file on the product including security evaluation and testes made pas toxicologist.
  • Register all produce on the European portal (CPNP).

Each produce can be trace and the legal representative can be found if issues are encounter. For animals, health products and drugs are under specific regulation, whereas cosmetics products are not, leaving open doors to dangerous products for both the animal and the environment.

You don’t carefully read the label, or worst the label does not include the entirety of ingredients information? This can result in a defective utilisation of the products leading to potential negative consequences like arming your animal.

Over 95% of horses’ shampoos contain sulphate derivatives (such as sodium laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphoacetate). “Sulphate” refers to an inorganic component, affiliated with irritation and rashes. Even if with its detergency and its foaming ability are great, these products cause health problems especially for horses which have a sensitive skin or suffer from summer dermatitis. During my research process, I found some household detergents in horses products; I suggest great vigilance towards your products choice!

Unfortunately, a large amount of ingredients are controversial. It is necessary to ban petrochemical derivative as well as preservatives and perfumes suspected of being endocrine disruptor.

How to choose the best care products for your horse ?

Choisir des ingrédients naturels pour les soins des chevaux et des poneys

How to knw the ingredients?

The INCI list is mandatory in human cosmetics and include a list of all ingredients contain in the product. The main ingredients come first and so on. This allow the complete understanding of the formula and to verify ingredients named thanks to this nomenclature (INCI international).

More and more brands are now mentioning this Inci list, if they don’t, beware of the quality ! The journey has only just began: most of the time, the use of complicated name is confusing and requires further investigation for total understanding.

For example, do you know that Butyrospermum Parkii Butter is shea butter? Don’t worry, there is a very efficient website that will help you find your way around: Incibeauty

This website will help you understand the origin of ingredients as well as their cosmetics’ virtues and how to use them.

If you are looking for the cleansing base for example, look for Sodium cocoyl glutamates (used in Calming Shampoo 067 005)  or Sodium cocoat (used in Shampoo Bar 067 007) and you will quickly be reassured about the excellence  of ingredients.

The 067’ horse care range has full transparency towards ingredients used thanks to the INCI list and the Ecocert Greenlife certificate.

Formulation cosmétique ingrédients

Some advice to choose products of quality?

Choose products from serious and committed brand with a true organic background, with no trace of any green washing.

A brand which put at the forefront the use of organic products with catchy sentences such as “made with natural ingredients” does not mean made only with natural ingredients. Be aware of greenwashing and track down brands.

Certified brands like 067 horse care products have full product information file allowing the transparency of the product which means that they could also be used in human cosmetic.

Demand access to the Inci list of products you are buying and feel free to check its contents thanks to website such as Incibeauty

Our animals have the right to be treated with products of quality. A healthy horse requires less care so less expense. A healthy horse is also a happy riders ! The urge of healthy cosmetics is required by the demand made by committed rider.