Natural beauty treatments and grooming products for your horse

The 067 brand selects the best active ingredients, those favoured in high-quality organic human cosmetics, for composing its products.

A mixture of precious oils for the hoof dressing, an ultra-gentle and hypoallergenic solid shampoo for washing the coat and a mane and tail detangler and grooming powder made from clays specially targeted for horse hair care.

Hoof oil: moisturises, nourishes and regenerates the horn

Shea butter and castor oil, two exceptional active ingredients.

To keep your horse’s foot healthy, it is essential to moisturise, nourish and protect the horn. This helps regenerate the tissues to keep the foot supple and strong.

Shea butter is known for its moisturising, repairing, softening and soothing properties. It is particularly rich in oleic acid and stearic acid. Shea butter also contains natural antioxidants (vitamins A and E), latex and phytosterols to promote elasticity and suppleness of the horn.

Castor oil, rich in omega 6 and 9, nourishes in depth, strengthens and promotes regrowth of the horn.

The botanical complex of precious oils and greases keeps the foot in perfect health.


A unique mane and tail detangler and grooming powder

Clays specially targeted for mane and tail care

Shining coats and untangling manes and tails making them soft and silky without using water is possible thanks to a combination of clays targeted especially for the care of the coat, mane and tail.

Kaolin has purifying and absorbing properties that will eliminate excess sebum. It is a soft and neutral white clay which captures a large number of impurities, bacteria and other parasites. The kaolin in the Mane and Tail Detangler is used to facilitate brushing and improve shine.

Illite is an extra-fine, yellow clay, distinguished by its mineral properties and known for its gentle cleansing ability.

Montmorillonite is a fine green clay rich in silica and magnesium and is used for its absorbent properties.

The complex of clays and starches means it can be used as a dry shampoo.

Hypoallergenic Shampoo bar

Cold saponification to preserve the benefits of the ingredients.

The aim of using a shampoo is to wash your horse while enhancing its coat.

Cold saponification preserves the beneficial properties of the vegetable oils and the natural moisturising glycerin generated during the process.

Calendula is known for its softening and smoothing properties and its soothing and regenerating virtues. This ingredient is particularly useful in case of skin irritations and for reactive and fragile skins.

Sheep’s milk is soothing and moisturising and is widely used in cosmetics for its benefits.