SOS Balm 055 007

SOS Balm 055 007

Powerful healing effect.

SOS Balm 055 007 is an exclusive formula containing active ingredients that act as an antiseptic, stimulate tissue regeneration and growth, and promote healing. The remarkable healing properties of honey, pollen and propolis are combined with calendula to soothe and aloe vera to repair, SOS Balm 055 007 cleanses the wound, stimulates and regenerates the tissue in the healing process. It can be used in all situations of irritation and injury.

Using SOS Balm  055 015 during the different phases of the healing process also support hair regrowth. The skin returns to full health and hair regrows in the wounded area, as long as the hair follicles have not been permanently damaged by the wound.

Trash prevention and restoration of damage due to trash infection.


Informations relatives au produit et à son utilisation

SOS Balm 055 007

Instructions for use

SOS Balm 055 007 can be used for irritations and small wounds. Very effective in supporting the healing process. Severe wounds need to be checked by a veterinarian.

For effective treatment, cleanse the wound using  Calming Shampoo 067 005

Apply a layer of SOS Balm to the wound.

Allow the wound to naturally absorb the SOS Balm.

In case of trush treatment, apply SOS Balm generously using the application brush.

More Information

Active Ingredients

Aloe Vera :  Easily absorbed by the skin;  particularly rich in vitamins and amino acids

Calendula: antioxidant and antiseptic

Matricaria Chamomile : antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties

Propolis extract : tissue growth stimulation and regenerative properties

Honey : Naturally powerful antiseptic properties

Beeswax : Generates a protective barrier

Kaolin : participates in active skin remineralization and detoxification.

Teatree  EO and Bay tree EO : soothing and purifying properties


200 Gr

In order to minimise our environmental footprint, 067 is committed to its packaging choices. These ecological pots are made from plants, without a drop of petroleum, without any toxicity at the end of their life.

The pot is made of vegetable plastic from sugar cane. It is biodegradable and compostable.


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logo écocert ecosoin des animaux - 067
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