The best Sun protection for your horse

My organic sunscreen experience.

Nostrils are the most sensible and exposed part of horses because of its very thin skin. Summertime often results in small scabs in your horse’s nostril which are causes by sunburn. Sunscreen is usually used to avoid such rashes.

But which solar protection should you use for your horse?

Human cosmetics must go through a very complex commercialisation process. The product is subjected to any testes which define protection level. This is unfortunately not the case for horse’s product.

Such testes couldn’t be considered for animal. It is thus necessary to understand the composition of solar product to choose an efficient UV protection for your horse.

My experience on cosmetic has started with solar product as the first range of products produced by “Laboratoires de Biarritz” was organic sunscreen.

When riders asked me to add UV protection to the 067 products range, it was obvious for me gather my knowledge on the subject to bring excellency.


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What is the composition of UV protection products?

The main role of such products is to protect from UV radiations to avoid cellular damages. Todays, two protection mechanisms exist. Either the formula contains a solar filter which absorb UV radiation; or it contain a sunblock which will reflect UVs. To simplify it, you can see it like that, the filter which absorb or the block which reflect.

Regarding the filter, all molecules used in the market originate from chemical processes. Most of these have harmful side effects for your health and are heavily avoided in human cosmetics. Molecules such as “Benzophenone”, “benzylidene camphre” and “octrocrylene” should be boycotted.

The second option which is the sunblock, is the one chosen by all organic certified solar products. Ingredients used are mineral and natural. Two ingredients are recognize as sunblock: Zinc oxyde and Titanium dioxide.

When getting sun care product for your horse, make sure you are going for mineral and natural sunblocks.

If you the product doesn’t show the entirety of ingredients used on the label and you can’t figure out if it’s a filter or a sunblock; remind yourself this: a mineral sunblock is visible which means it is white and it cannot be transparent or very fluid.

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Which sun protection should I choose?

The protection level of human cosmetic is express thanks to the Sun Protection Factor (SPF).

The 50 and 50+ SPF represents the highest form of solar protection. The 30 SPF protection remains high and efficient, however, an under 30 SPF protection will not allow to protect you from sun damages.

This protection system is not used in horses’ products and no level system are mandatory to insure efficient protection. You can only base your choice towards the clarity and the honesty of the brand. The INCI list needs to appear and the products, nothing should be hidden from you!

Another clue for your choice, an efficient solar protection is unfortunately expensive because mineral and organic ingredients are difficult to formulate and pricy. If you encounter cheap product, you can be certain that it contains a chemical filter because molecules used are cheap; this is an unfortunate sad truth for the cosmetic world.

The 001 007 Sun Cream of the 067 care range is a high quality solar protection. It has been tested with human cosmetic standard to validate a very efficient protection (50SPF).

The 001 007 Sun Cream is made thanks to organic sunblock formulated for sensitive and damaged skin. It keeps the skin hydrated and soft while protecting from solar erythema.