Organic equine products : your best choice for a healthy horse.

Why few brands are commited ?

More than 150 labels, private or public are issued by Ecocert Greenlife. These labels range from forest management to social responsibilities in corporation. Labels on Organic cosmetic and food are among the most renown.

As the founder of “les Laboratoires de Biarritz”, I have subsequent knowledge regarding the difficulties encountered during certifications process. Let’s put it this way: it is longer, more expensive, and more technical to develop a product under important certification rules.

So why this approach ?

Nowadays, most brands are “greenwashing” their consumer by using wordy sentences and “organic” colored packaging, resulting on a misleading marketing process. 067’s horse care products are thought, conceived and produce following a sustainable approach, respecting nature and the consumer.

logo écocert ecosoin des animaux - 067

The commitment of a sustainable approach

To this date, no regulation on animals’ care product exists in Europe; thus, it is difficult for buyers to identify the content of such products, whether they are labelled or not. Numerous times, I was surprised to find ingredients on horses’ care which are banned from our cosmetics, giving the idea of second class care for our companions?

The 067 care line will favour natural and/or renewable resources as well as obviously excluding petrochemical ingredients. The environmental impact of both the formulation and the transformation process are minimize thanks to ingredients choice.

These commitments allow a total transparency between consumers and the company and ensure the excellent quality of these products.

Formuler avec des ingrédients naturels

The global approach to care products 067

In order to select and use products respecting both horses’ health and the environment, it is crucial to be aware of ingredients’ origins, formulation process, packaging process and finally how the product is brought to you. Ecocert Greenlife labels are certifying such standards.

If today, human cosmetics are highly regulated by laws and labels assessing their quality and their engagements, animal cosmetics is left far behind resulting in a poor regulation and low quality products. 067 care line is reaching human cosmetics standards and aims to develop the importance of such process for animal cosmetics to a wider public.

The use of 067 products respects the health of your horse. A healthy hors means fewer veterinary worries and a happy horse and rider.